This book is the result of working 20 years intensely with Crack/Cocaine users. I pioneered the first service for Women Crack/Cocaine users in Britain, therefore gained most of my knowledge from my experience of working with my clients. I started in the voluntary sector then set up my own independent service ‘Higher Insight’ self funded via providing training to other professionals who work with Crack/Cocaine users. I identified 7 types of users and that the recovery process takes 2 years and goes through 5 stages. I have written this book primarily for the users themselves, but also believe it will aid friends, family and Professionals concerned with helping Crack/Cocaine users. Louise Clarke Bsc (Hons)

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Presenting 'stop using crack /cocaine and reclaim your life, short video

A biographical account of my experiences encountered within the care avenues of the drugs field ,leading me down warrens hidden deep beneath a veil of ‘care’ , into realms of paedophile rings , occult practices , gang stalking, and trauma based mind control. Only to find that all avenues for justice are closed off with red tape. I also give my overall view of the picture beneath the veil and some solutions uncovered. Along with the many poems I wrote in moments of grief and enlightenment.

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